How To Remember Formulae

Today is GCSE Maths paper 2 and here at Best Maths Tutors we would like to wish all our students best of luck in the exams.


How Remember Formulae

One of the biggest challenges with the new style GCSE exams is that you aren’t given formula, and are required to remember them. Here is one of my favourite tips to help you remember the necessary formulae:

Before going in to the exam, have a list of all the formulae you need written down. Find a quiet place to sit (resisting the temptation to sit and chat with your friends) and memorise the formulae up to the very last minute…then when you walk into the exam room put the paper away. When you sit at your desk focus on these formulae, reciting them in your head if necessary. As soon as you get the exam paper in front of you write the formulae on the front cover of the exam paper. This means you only need to actually remember the formulae for about 5 minutes! Brilliant!

All totally legal and allowable!

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